About This Service :

Our company is contracted with the best digital Streaming platforms such as Deezer, Spotify, Anghami, etc.
We can distribute your songs on all of these platforms in addition to the Instagram audio library.

How you will earn financial profits from these platforms ?

After your song are distributed on all platforms, you promot them through your YouTube channel or your other pages. When you get more views on digital streaming platforms , you will get more profits.

How do you know how much your earnings have reached ?

You can send a message to this email : [email protected] any time you request to see your current balance and you will be replied in less than 24 hours.

How do you receive your earnings ?

After you reach the minimum withdrawal limit of 20€, you can receive your earnings via (Paypal) or (CCP transfer for Algerians People).
You will get 60% of your profits and the remaining 40% is our share.

What are the conditions for contracted with us ?

The song you provide are Exclusive, not a cover song.
You are the primary owner of all rights.
Pay 20€ via (Paypal) as a 1 Year subscription, or (4000.DZD CCP only for Algerians People) .
The subscription price is symbolic when compared this with others distribution companies that define difficult conditions and high subscription prices.

Pay 20 With PayPal From : Here
Pay 4000.DZD With CCP From : Here

How do I send my song for distribution ?

After paying the amount of the contracting rights with us, you can start distributing your song by filling out this form and sending it, after that your song will remain under review for 24 to 72 hours , after which you will be answered via e-mail by agreeing to publishing or rejecting the song, in case we agree to publish your song it will start Appear on basic platforms like Spotify in less than a week, while the rest of the platforms may take up to 15 days. If we reject your song we will tell you the reason, to fix the problem.